Best Months to Visit Yellowstone National Park, WY

Yellowstone is a seasonal destination providing nothing short of wonder, adventure, and excitement for the highly detailed traveler and tourist. However, while Yellowstone is generally a unique destination to visit any time of the year, it is advisable to be selective about your timing when planning a memorable and hassle-free visit to Yellowstone. Continuum Hotel is an exceptional place to begin your Yellowstone adventure. Located in Teton Village, Wyoming, Continuum’s access to both a cozy mountainside town and a hub of activities for visitors from across the globe makes us the perfect place for those seeking outdoor adventures, art, food, shopping, and more! Our friendly staff can show you the best things to do in Jackson Hole and nearby areas such as Yellowstone National Park.  When is the best time to visit Yellowstone National Park? The short and simple answer depends on your desired experience. Do you want to escape from the crowds in Yellowstone during the peak season? Would you rather enjoy the park in its best weather? How much of the outdoors are you ready to explore? Read further to discover the best time to visit Yellowstone.  

When is Peak Season in Yellowstone National Park?

The end of April typically marks the start of peak season in Yellowstone, which runs until early September. You will probably find hundreds of thousands of tourists during May, June, July, and August, increasing during July and August. Unfortunately, this peak season creates more traffic and increased waiting time at the more popular attractions.   

Which are the Best Months to Visit Yellowstone National Park?

The best time to visit Yellowstone depends on what you aim to achieve or experience. Below are the best months to enjoy the beauty of Yellowstone without necessarily crossing paths with loads of tourists. April April is the best month to welcome spring as you witness the park blossom from its winter hibernation. The welcoming of spring in Yellowstone is also a chance to spot wolves, bears, elk, moose, and other local wildlife coming out of their winter habitat.  However, average temperatures fluctuate significantly, so pack warm before visiting Yellowstone this month. Enjoy the natural beauty and experience the breathtaking views when you explore Yellowstone through hiking, camping, and more! September Autumn is one of the best seasons to visit Yellowstone because of the relatively warm weather and several wildlife-watching opportunities. Additionally, most of the park's roads are open, and most summer crowds have left.  However, keep in mind that most park facilities will probably close as early as mid-September.  Early to mid-September is perhaps the best time to visit Yellowstone since you can enjoy activities such as:
  • Fishing 
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Backpacking
October The warmer temperatures start to cool around this time, and winter approaches. This can be the best time to visit Yellowstone to witness its natural landscape shift as it prepares for winter. During this month, you can experience beautiful hot springs, geysers, and natural vents throughout Yellowstone without the typical summer crowds. It is still the best time to enjoy camping, hiking, backpacking, and wildlife viewing. 

What About Winter in Yellowstone?

Winter in Yellowstone isn't for the faint-hearted. Yellowstone experiences heavy snowfall from November through to March. On the bright side, winter in Yellowstone means no crowds at all. Unfortunately, most park facilities will probably be closed, and you may need to carry extra safety gear, which can be hectic. Nearby, Continuum Hotel offers a variety of activities and amenities. In addition to enjoying hot chocolate by the fire, take advantage of our renowned winter activities in one of the most desired travel destinations in the world! From snowmobiling to skiing, we've got more than enough to keep your itinerary full in Jackson, Wyoming. Rumor has it that Continuum Hotel is one of the most breathtaking places to experience during the colder months, with plenty of amenities to keep you comfortable and happy.   

How to Avoid Crowds in Yellowstone

Regardless of when you visit Yellowstone, below are practical tips to avoid crowds in Yellowstone National Park.
  • Arrive as early as possible to avoid the early morning and late afternoon crowd peaks.
  • Choose the hidden and lesser-known sights to access the more unique park features.
  • Hike to a higher view to avoid crowds and enjoy the best nature views.

Stay at Continuum Hotel during your visit to Yellowstone

While April is a good time to visit the park, September and October are considered the best months to visit Yellowstone National Park. You will have the combined advantage of smaller crowds and favorable weather. Stay in comfort during your visit to Yellowstone National Park by staying at Continuum Hotel. We offer modern rooms and lofts, excellent service, and outstanding amenities for you and your family to enjoy. Continuum Hotel is a place where people can share their experiences with each other. Sometimes we go hiking, sometimes we fly down the snowy mountains, and sometimes we stay out late swapping stories about our journeys. We celebrate anyone who eats, sleeps, and breathes adventure. Get away from it all and enjoy our destination experience when you visit Yellowstone. Contact us now to book your destination vacation at Continuum Hotel. Let us help make your stay memorable for life!  

Image Source: Matthew Thomas Allen