Must do Summer Activities in Jackson Hole

  When most people think of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, they envision carving the perfect edge through thick, yielding powder by day, then resting in front of an open fire by your loved ones' side at night – and for a good reason. But here, there is no "off-season," and we've got no shortage of life-affirming things to do in Jackson Hole in summer. As you lounge poolside at Continuum, consider these popular and invigorating Jackson Hole summer activities. Enjoy everything the Grand Teton area offers: rain, shine, snow, or anywhere between.

The Tour of a Lifetime

With two massive national parks spanning over 1.7 million acres of national forest, there's no reason to sit still during your Wyoming wilderness get away until you've experienced everything the land has to offer. For first-timers new to the area, you can quickly get the lay of the land with an expert-led wildlife tour through select parts of the Tetons or Yellowstone – and all from the comfort of a luxury vehicle. For more adventurous excursions, consider treating your family to a private tour of Yellowstone for an even deeper appreciation of the heart of Wyoming's wilderness. It is, in fact, the summer months in particular that provide nature-lovers with the most incredible safari experience, as the area's wildlife inhabits much more of the diverse sub- and high-alpine areas after the snow recedes. Wildlife tours in Jackson Hole range from professionally led excursions or self-guided package options through the trails at Jackson Hole. If setting off at your own pace, we particularly recommend: The latter two in particular offer incredible views – or, if you'd prefer, check out these other breathtaking trails closer to town: Whether from behind the wheel, on foot, or even by horseback, you'll quickly learn the intricacies of the environment that make Jackson Hole's ecosystem so uniquely hospitable for a wide range of animals, plant life, and beyond – and you'll get a good idea of which parts of the area you'll want to explore next.

Endless Thrills!

When your inner thrill-seeker beckons, Continuum's got you covered with rafting, mountain biking, shooting, and mountain climbing/exploration options suitable for all experience levels. You can't go wrong any time of the year with these unforgettable summertime things to do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, providing Jackson Hole summer-goers an incredible range of truly world-class adventures right in our backyard.
  • Mountain-Side Adventures. Snow King Mountain and Grand Adventure Park feature a wide range of options, including family-friendly obstacle courses, zip lines, and alpine coasters that put even the biggest amusement parks to shame. With such high-class vacation getaways like this, it's hard to believe there are often even great summer deals to secure even more value from an already worthwhile visit.
  • Whitewater Rafting. Jackson Hole Whitewater's extremely dedicated and experienced guides keep a tight watch on conditions to give every participant a safe and exciting journey downstream. Select from a wide range of options, including whitewater rafting, scenic floats, or full-package adventures! 
  • Aerial Adventures. You don't need to get pleasantly dirty to get your heart pumping all the same. For just as many thrills but without as much sweat, take off and see Jackson Hole's summer scenery from the ease of a three- or an eight-seater Cessna, a comfortably enclosed Gondola, or (for the truly brave at heart) the open air from a paraglider. Once you touch back down after enjoying the commanding view from above, the ground will never feel the same again.

No Snow? It's No Problem

Even apart from the great summer activities Jackson Hole offers, Continuum delivers continual delight straight from the comfort of Wyoming's premier, a world-class mountain resort. Our onsite amenities, fine dining options, and ongoing events make summers in Jackson Hole the time of your life, whether indoors or outdoors. No matter what season suits you best, book your next vacation at Continuum – and experience the time of your life as you could only find in the last great western frontier.  

Image Source: aceshot1/Shutterstock