Reasons to Visit Jackson Hole in the Fall

Ready to enjoy an adventurous, breathtaking fall? Look no further than Jackson Hole, WY. And to ensure your Jackson Hole stay goes above and beyond your expectations, make sure to book a room at Continuum Hotel. Continuum is the perfect basecamp to enjoy everything this amazing region has to offer, in what happens to be one of our favorite seasons in the Tetons. But if you’re still on the fence about a trip to Jackson Hole’s Continuum Hotel in the fall, we’ve compiled a few good reasons why you should plan your visit!  

Fewer Crowds Than in Summer & Winter 

When people think of Jackson Hole, summer adventures in the national parks and skiing at an iconic winter destination come to mind. Continuum is bustling during these seasons, and you may need to make an early booking. But in the fall, you can escape the crowds. Enjoy a relaxed Jackson Hole, with all sorts of adventure, scenery, and more. Plus, enjoy Continuum’s amenities and services with more privacy.   


Continuum is located in Teton Village, at one of the top ski resorts in the country, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Take advantage of the JHMR network of trails and hikes, just steps from the hotel. But the changing scenery during the fall in Jackson Hole is truly one of a kind, and should be on the top of your list of reasons why to visit. Seek golden aspens and cottonwoods as you wander through Yellowstone National Park or the Grand Tetons.   

Activities and Adventures 

Visiting Jackson Hole in the fall allows you to view the stunning wildlife and changing fall colors. Whether from the car, bike, tram, or horseback, there’s plenty of ways to experience a Jackson Hole fall, and more than enough activities to fill your plate. Here are just some activities you can do in Jackson Hole during the fall season:   
  • Elk breeding season 
In addition to the lovely tree colors, the elk bugling (also known as mating) season takes place in the fall. For this reason, elk should be much more present and visible during the fall, so you can enjoy seeing these majestic animals out and about during your visit. Head to the Elk Refuge just outside of Jackson, WY for an unforgettable viewing experience.   
  • Park drives and photography opportunities
Continuum is in close proximity to both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. A drive into either one of these parks is filled with amazing opportunities to take photos and see some of the greatest wonders of the west.     Additionally, even closer proximity to the hotel, Teton Pass and the Snake River provide stunning vista points. Watch the fog roll in, experience the changing leaves, and explore all of the great wilderness around Jackson Hole.   
  • Bike trails scenery
Since the crowds that come during summer and winter are usually much heavier than in the fall, the fall season is an opportune time to enjoy some bike riding in Jackson Hole. You can rent a bike, ride it on one of many trails, and enjoy the surrounding nature and fall scenery.  
  • Stargazing
With the vastness of the western sky, Jackson Hole is a perfect place to view the night sky unbothered by city lights. Fall is the start of “observing season,” when stargazing gets clearer as the nights get darker. In Continuum fashion, we recommend grabbing something cozy to wear and something warm to sip on – stop by the Continuum Bar & Grill and we’ll be happy to fill your cup.   

Continuum Experience 

Continuum is the epicenter of thrill in Teton Village. There are different events hosted every season, and when visiting Jackson Hole in the fall, there are plenty of happenings to fill your schedule. Join us for events like Jackson Hole Mountain opening day, or saddle up to live music and apres sessions at the pool. There’s always something going on at Continuum.   

Welcome to Your Dream Fall Destination – Continuum Hotel 

Fall is an excellent season to relax and enjoy fun activities, beautiful scenery, and good food. Continuum hotel is where every adventure begins and ends. Contact us and make a reservation for an unforgettable fall!  

Image Source: Shutterstock/Dean Fikar